Welcome to season 2 of Forest + Ocean!

Our website opened for the first time June 2022 closing at the end of October. A store that closes for 4 months?! Well, yes. When we were planning to open an on-line shop only, Derek and I knew that the winter season would be an obstacle for us. Initially we didn’t think it would be an issue at all since we had big plans to change our job location to the West Coast. But alas, this didn’t work out and we continue to live and work in the Okanagan. As such, we need to relocate during the winter months and for our family that means living in an RV on Vancouver Island from Nov to Feb – there are worse things! Since we cannot take our products with us and we have yet to find someone to man the ship while we are away – closure is our only option right now.

What we did learn during the 5 months that Forest + Ocean was open is that the saying – build it and they will come – isn’t really true! We built but they didn’t come. Not that we were completely surprised but we did think that our amazing makers and their products would draw at least a bit of a crowd. And so we’ve had to rethink things somewhat.

First, we realize that we need to make personal connections; talking to people in person about our products. We accomplished this over the winter quite effortlessly because if there is something we like to talk about it is definitely the products we carry – clothing, skincare and food! Next, we are planning some pop up shops in the Okanagan while we are here this spring/summer/fall. We realize that even with the proliferation and ease of on-line shopping, many people are still wanting to see and touch the products they purchase. If that’s you and you want to see our products in person please message us so that you can come see us at our park, meet us somewhere or come to one of our pop ups.

Finally, we’ve also been considering the types of products we carry. Our original intent was to focus on all things wild foraging and bushcraft, forest and ocean, and while these are all still important to us, we’ve also been looking further to items that are fun, colourful and whimsical. Because who doesn’t need things like that in their lives!?

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the brands that we have recently added to our website:

DONNA WILSON – Derek found this illustrator turned product designer and maker because of the vibrant coloured sweaters and fun animal scarves. Because it was the end of their winter season and stocks were low we were only able to order a few items. We are excited to add another United Kingdom maker to our list.

GRANGE  CRAFT – Socks, we felt that we were missing socks in our product list. Who doesn’t need and love a great pair of warm wool socks. Again, the range of colours caught our eyes – how about those Fair Isle Long Socks to really make a wardrobe statement!

ECO RAW STUDIO – As is usually the case, Derek is looking for a clothing item for himself which inevitably ends in us carrying that item here at Forest + Ocean. Derek has been searching for quality, handmade bandanas since last year. We fell for the green, red and gold ones made by ERS.

MUSTARD BEETLE – We decided to order from this company because of the name! No, not really but it is catchy isn’t it. The Fox & Hare blanket spoke to Derek at a deep level – it was a blanket he HAD to have and so we thought that he may not be alone an ordered a few. Elizabeth has many other neat products we hope to bring in in the future.

Until next time,


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We are Teresa and Derek and our daughter Cassia. We manage and live in a BC Provincial Park in the Okanagan for the spring, summer and fall. We used to spend our winters RVing south but now we enjoy our winters RVing on Vancouver Island.

This on-line shop is a way for us to focus on something that we are passionate about. The goal is to enjoy the process of connecting the sellers with the buyers – sourcing the products, working with the makers to learn about their products and ordering it in and then to connect with others who are are interested in adding these products to their lives.

Featured Products

We love all the companies and their products that Forest+Ocean carries but have a look at a few of these amazing products here.