Crimson Maple Tea



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Fragrant and floral Nilgiri black tea is paired with the bright majestic flavours of locally sourced pine, sweetgrass and sage. Topped with a hint of sweet organic maple syrup, this blend is East meets True North.

INGREDIENTS: Pine Needles, Sweetgrass, Sage, Ceylon Black Tea, Purple Cornflower, Organic Maple Syrup


For over 20 years, we operated as the Algonquin Tea Company, making herbal teas from amazing plants that grow in one of the truly beautiful places of the world — known to paddlers, campers and nature lovers as Algonquin Park (pronounced al-gone-kwin).

For years, many of our friends/customers asked for pairings of herbs with caffeinated teas and so, Wild Canadian Tea was born in 2021 – with different lines – the Algonquin Collection, Wild@Heart and a stand alone Pine Tea.  Our teas are available loose and in tea bags, online here, or in wonderfully supportive stores around the world.  I have created a company that has a consciously curated and  close relationship with the land, the plants, and with you.

The best ingredients are the wild ones.

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