Desert Gold Naturally Dyed Botanical Patterned Raw Silk Bandana/Scarf



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Eco-raw combines plant based dyes with nature inspired designs. This Botanical pattern is custom made and printed by me. The print is a collage of all the various dye plants, leaves and roots used for natural dying.

One of a kind.

100% Raw Silk.

Measures roughly 21″ x 21″

Single sided print

Machine wash cold with gentle eco-friendly detergent

Hand dyed naturally & sustainably from our studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Washing/Care Instruction: recommend washing by hand and hang dry or wash in delicates bag on gentle cycle and gentle dry. Store out of direct sunlight natural dye will fade in long exposure in direct sun.

The process of hand dyeing is labour intensive as our textiles have to be carefully dipped over many hours to achieve the shades you see. Colors may vary from each dye lot and are the beauty and uniqueness of natural dye. Slight variation is to be expected but the images pictures are the closes representation of each color.

(cuff not included)


Sonja Thams – When I was a child I learned to play with nature. The ants in my driveway were my playmates, our family dog was my brother and our bunny my sister. The garden was my kingdom and the bees were my knights. The bushes created my castle and the flowers were my fellow subjects. As a child my world was full of imagination, creativity and nature. Now as a designer I strive to achieve these qualities in my work.

All designs are hand-dyed with natural dyes in my studio located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Some designs are made with ancient techniques and dyes as well as new. Dyes are combined and tested to create new variations of colors. All fabrics are ethically sourced as well as hand cut and washed.

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