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A great way to take sea salt with you on a hiking trip! Teresa

A portable salt for when you’re in a pinch!

We’ve all been there – a restaurant, a mother-in-law’s, or eating on the road – when you taste the first bite of your meal and the panic hits you like a bag of bricks in the gut. THIS FOOD NEEDS MORE SALT.

Don’t settle for the shaker on the table (gross). Reach into your pocket or purse for EmergenSEA Salt. Pinch and sprinkle like the pros – even on the go.

INGREDIENTS: Alaskan Sea Salt. (That’s it. Really.)


Harvesting sea salt from Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska, is just a small part of what we do at Alaska Salt Co.

We gather wildflowers, peonies, and berries to use in our natural skincare products and source other Alaskan ingredients to infuse with our culinary salts. We make things up. That’s right. We develop recipes that have never been made before and we have SO MUCH FUN doing it.

Our entrepreneur spirits cannot be tamed. We test boundaries and push limits and rarely take ‘no’ for an answer. Alaska Salt Co. is more than a brand and a business. It’s a lifestyle. Wildly unrefined. – Brit & Casey

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