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No need to choose with these 100% edible and digestible whole capelin. This little fish packs a big punch, capelin is rich in essential fats, healthy acids, vitamins and a taste that is drool worthy for dogs and cats!

A natural source of Taurine, this amino acid helps promote a healthy heart and brain function. They are also full of Omega3 & Omega6 to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.


Salty Dogs Barkery, air-dried fish products are sustainably caught and processed in a CFIA certified facility. The slow air-dried process allows the fish to retain its protein, enzymes, nutritional properties and texture.


The Salty Dogs Barkery was inspired during long walks on the beautiful white sand beaches of Lockeport, Nova Scotia. During these walks, our pack became obsessed with the fresh seaweed that washes up on the shores. Constantly pulling us over to fresh batches, they chew, play and toss it around. Clearly, they were big fans. So after some research to ensure its safety, we quickly discovered all of the natural health and nutritional benefits seaweed offers to both dogs and humans!

With three big and really good dogs, we run through a fair amount treats at our home.  With few options available to us in rural Nova Scotia we began to make our own treats. One day we brought some seaweed home from the beach and began to experiment and incorporate within our recipe. Dogs offer brutally honest feedback, and they either like something, or they don’t.

Our pack loved the seaweed treats, and we felt better giving them treats with ingredients with positive health benefits. The dogs loved the idea, they became professional taste testers learning all kinds of new tricks as they and crunched away at sample batches. After paw-sitive reviews from friends and family, we just kept making more and more.

The Salty Dogs Barkery is born out of pure love for our furry family and we sincerely hope that your best friend enjoys the teats as much as we like to make them. We love to hear stories about your special friend, please follow our journey and tag us @saltydogsbarkery

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