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The NEW Hybrid Lined Poncho:

• Green 75% wool / 25% blended fabric inner with hand warming pocket and somewhere to keep your phone

• Back waist tie with toggle stoppers

• Reconfigured side metal poppers so you can fasten it widthwise or lengthwise

• Reinforced corner metal eyelets

• Flat seamed hood inner and wool sewn neck seam

• 12oz Traditional Wet Look Oilskin outer

• Canvas lined oilskin chest pocket with two popper flap closure

• Oilskin drawstring bag to keep it in

All beautifully stitched using heavyweight poly black thread throughout.

Q. What’s the difference between a fully lined poncho and a hybrid poncho?

A. Well basically the normal lined oilskin poncho has a 55% wool to 45% mixed fibre inner with an outside oilskin chest pocket whereas the hybrid lined poncho you get a warmer 75% wool / 25% mixed fibre. There is an inner hand warming pocket as well as the outside oilskin chest pocket. It takes longer to make, is ever so slightly bulkier because of the thicker inner too.

With the hybrid the metal side poppers are configured so it can be done up lengthways as well so you’re able to climb inside it like a sleeping bag.



“Keep it Simple & Sew it Well”

Is our motto, all our items are handmade, we source the best materials and make everything to order, paying attention to detail and quality check our work throughout. We make our products because we want to and not because we have to, there’s a big difference. You are buying our time, our skill and craftsmanship and every item we make is unique. We don’t mass produce or rush our items, they are hand drawn, cut out, sewn and assembled and given the care and attention they deserve.

The Oilskin we use is a Traditional 120z Cotton Drill Fabric treated with an Antique Wet-Look wax waterproofing. The fabric is also used in the production of the Barbour clothing line and we use their “Barbour Thornproof Wax Dressing” supplied in a tin to re-poof the fabrics.

The canvas we use throughout our store is both a 12oz and a slightly heavier 14oz Cotton Duck Canvas, popular with army tents etc., waterproofed using a dry wax method which would need to be reproofed using a Re-Proofing Bar. Canvas is stiffer than the oilskin and thus slightly more bulkier and heavier when rolled or folded up.

We use either a 55% Wool / 45% Blend on our Oilskin Ponchos & Bedrolls & a 75% / 25% Blend on our Hybrid All-Terrain Bedrolls. We find that the 55% wool one offers warmth, robustness, a nice solid weight and a stable sewing platform while the 75% woollen one offers you that little bit more luxury for the Hybrid Bedroll. We tend to steer clear of the 100% wool fabrics as one they tend to make you itch and second the fabric isn’t as compact to sew to.

OILSKIN – Do not machine wash, do not use hot water and do not dry clean as this will remove the waterproofing wax and oils which cannot be replaced. Brush off any mud and debris and then wipe it down using cold water only.  We would recommend to reproof our Oilskin products using “Barbours Thorn Proof Wax Dressing” which comes in a tin. Be sure to follow the product instructions written on the tin.

CANVAS – Again, avoid machine washing, hot water or dry cleaning, but you can wipe down with a warm damp cloth after removing any dirt or debris. We recommend our own “Re-proofing Bars” available from our shop to reproof any of our Canvas products.

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