Lobster Mushroom Fungi Gourmet Infused Sea Salt



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Bountiful lobster mushrooms pop up in late Summer, and we harvest them wild to craft a unique Fungi Gourmet Infused Sea Salt.

Blended with garden tomatoes and green onions, this unique mushroom sea salt blend tastes AMAZING on a variety of dishes. When dehydrated the lobster mushroom’s seafood flavor shines, and can be added to mashed potatoes, in meat and vegetable dishes, on fish!! And especially added to seafood pastas (or if you’re wanting a seafood taste but are vegan this will most certainly do the job!).

Comes in a generous 4 oz square glass bottle with shaker tops

***LIMITED EDITION seasonal offering***

Vegan * Gluten-Free * Wild * Homegrown


Geneviève’s story starts as a child where the teachings of plants and animals from her grandfather and her outdoorsy parents fed her interest in the natural world.  Her childhood consisted of spending her days wandering the forests near her home, exploring its lakes and mountains, spending hours in reverie at the base of old cedar trees, and imagining a world where we could live in connection with nature, not apart from it.

When in her twenties she was faced with health issues, unexplained chronic pain and no answer from the multitude of doctors and tests she turned to herbal medicine and natural foods for help.  With her studies, determination & courage she was able to reverse her issues and restore her health.   Geneviève took to her books, online classes and past experiences in nature and continuously studied herbal medicine as well as the wild foods that grow in the forests, fields and oceans of Canada.  She depends on these not only for her foods & medicines but also as a way to soothe and make well her busy life of mother to three, entrepreneur & business owner, adventurer & restless woman.

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