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Boasting a generous capacity, the Lore is 50% larger than your standard Kuksa. Oh, and being crafted from a solid chunk of hardwood doesn’t hurt either. Drinking from a hand-carved wooden vessel may be considered a luxury to some… though, we’d consider the Lore an absolute essential.

• Handcrafted from 100% natural hardwood
• Includes mil-spec 550 paracord
• Capacity: approx. 10-12 fl. oz.
• Sealed w/ food-grade, BPA-free finish
• Weight: approx. 5-7 oz


We believe that less is more. We believe in quality over quantity. We believe in respecting tradition, while continually challenging it. And above all, we believe that fire is absolutely non-negotiable.

Überleben is German word meaning to survive — and/or, to live. While those words appear the same, they’re somewhat different. Fire is essential to survival. However, “survival” is not the reason we trek into the woods after work on a Wednesday afternoon. We’re doing this because something deep inside us is still whispering, “build fire or die”. Subconsciously, we’re not attempting to escape physical death — but psychological death. We long to live. Not merely survive. We’re chasing the experience, and we exist to share that experience with others.

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