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Imported from Sweden, Ojbro Vantfabrik socks combine the rich traditions of Scandinavian knitting and folk art to create patterns that tell a fascinating story about the rustic charms of Nordic life and history. Beyond their attractive looks, Ojbro’s mittens and socks are some of the softest and warmest you will find.

All our pattern s are inspired by and coloured in nature’s own colours.70% Merino Wool 25% Nylon 5% Spandex

Imported from Sweden. Beautifully designed Merino wool boot socks by artist Åse Öjbro. Each pattern is inspired by Swedish folk art and tells a story about the rustic charms of Nordic life.

Medium is Canada’s Women’s Shoe Size 5.5-9.5 or Canada’s Men’s Shoe Size 4.5-7.5. Large is Canada’s Women’s Shoe Size 10-12.5 or Canada’s Men’s Shoe Size 8- 12.5 You may go up a size to accommodate larger calves.


Öjbro Vantfabrik brings Swedish design and the warmth of wool to Canadians. A company with a passion for knitting traditions and Nordic legends, our merino wool mittens, gloves, and wool socks are perfectly made for wet & cold winters in Canada.

Each pattern has a history, and they all begin in our mittens which we knit with pure new wool and line with extra soft tricot fleece and other modern linings to make the most comfortable and functional mittens & gloves in the world.

We knit all of our mittens with contamination-free, new wool and line them with modern linings to achieve the highest possible degree of comfort and function. By consuming in a more conscious manner, together we can conserve the Earth’s resources, thereby resulting in a smaller environmental footprint. We believe it is a matter of quality versus quantity. Öjbro Vantfabrik does not claim to be an eco-brand, but we choose to do what we can to contribute to a cleaner environment. On an ongoing basis, we acquire knowledge about how we can use more environmentally friendly alternatives in production. Together, we can make a difference. For example, the yarn collections of all our current yarn manufacturers are certified by OEKO-Tex.

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