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Introducing the Überleben Stöker Flatpack Stove. We didn’t need a stove — we just really wanted one. The Stöker Stainless weighs in at only 15oz, or the Titanium version is only 9.3oz (including new waxed canvas sleeve). The perfect balance of durability and weight. If you can’t find fuel for this, you’re going to need more than a fire to save you.

• Fueled entirely by organic matter (twigs, bark, pine needles, etc.), this stick stove / bio stove will keep you going indefinitely. No more fuel canisters.
• Simple 5-panel assembly allows for low profile / flat pack stow.
• Available in HD 304 grade Stainless Steel. Anti-corrosive and extremely strong.
• Includes waxed canvas sleeve, which doubles as a tinder bag.
• Weight: Stainless Steel 15oz | Titanium: 9.3oz (including canvas sleeve)
• Assembled Dimensions: Height – 6.5”, Width – 5.5”( at base) and 4.5” (at top)


We believe that less is more. We believe in quality over quantity. We believe in respecting tradition, while continually challenging it. And above all, we believe that fire is absolutely non-negotiable.

Überleben is German word meaning to survive — and/or, to live. While those words appear the same, they’re somewhat different. Fire is essential to survival. However, “survival” is not the reason we trek into the woods after work on a Wednesday afternoon. We’re doing this because something deep inside us is still whispering, “build fire or die”. Subconsciously, we’re not attempting to escape physical death — but psychological death. We long to live. Not merely survive. We’re chasing the experience, and we exist to share that experience with others.

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