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An invigorating raw apple cider vinegar extract packed with powerful plants. Our bright, tangy, bittersweet elixir harnesses qualities of medicinal botanicals, mushrooms & adaptogens to support digestive health, wellness & balance.

Take 1 tbsp before & after meals to help support & soothe the digestive system.

INGREDIENTS (ORGANIC*): Raw apple cider vinegar*, ginger*, beets*, raw Oregon blackberry honey, orange rind*, lemongrass*, nettle*, Oregon grape root*, artichoke leaf*, dandelion root*, angelica root*, cramp bark*, burdock root*, yellow dock root*, centaury*, hibiscus flower*, marshmallow root*, oregano*, black peppercorns*, cayenne pepper*


Inspired by herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, making fire tonic has been my hobby for the last 8 years. Last year, a significant and prolonged crash in my immune system prompted me to get more serious about making and taking my favorite herbal remedy.

When I was finally well enough, I packed all of my go-to immune boosters into one batch of fire tonic. The Fighter was born. I posted a beautiful picture on Facebook to share with my friends and by the next morning, I was shocked by the number of comments inquiring about my concoction!

Thanks to social media, friends & family, my personal immune booster has blossomed into Wildfire Elixirs. Each small batch of The Fighter we bottle, contains that very same potent blend I made for myself, just one year ago. I’ve taken the Fighter daily since my health crisis and have been healthier than ever before. I maintain a thriving immune system with at least one shot per day.

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