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Are you looking for something awesome to keep your EDC together? Do you love a handcrafted piece of waxed canvas gear?

Then check out our newest TWO-TONE WAXED CANVAS EDC TRAVEL TRAY. This little guy will carry your EDC and will snap together into a small tray when you need to keep things organized.

It measures just over 6″ when laid flat with slots that are 3″ high by 1.5″, 1″ and 2.75″. When you snap it in half its 3″ wide and when you snap the corners together you get a tiny tray that has 1″ sides and a 4″ bottom. We are currently offering them in two tone green and brown. We also added an eyelet to the top so if you want to add some paracord or hang it you can.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only selling the EDC tray and not anything else in the picture. Those are there for an example of what will fit.

The 10.1 oz waxed canvas used on the product is made using a specialized process that was created in the 1800s. MARTEXIN ORIGINAL WAX has a superior finish that is made with an environmentally friendly blend of waxes that is non-hazardous. This fabric process creates a lifelong resistance to weather and it will develop a beautifully worn look. The 100 % cotton fabric will show scratches and become distressed but will continue to look better over time as it develops its own patina.

Wash with damp cloth or hose
Do Not use soap
Do Not machine wash
Do Not dry clean



Have you ever been frustrated failing to find the quality gear you could depend on? Have you ever wished there was gear designed to work in a  damp and cold environment? Well, we did, and that is what started the whole journey of PNWBUSHCRAFT. We were looking for heirloom bushcraft gear designed for the Pacific Northwest climate, and when we couldn’t find what we wanted, we decided to try and make it for ourselves.

From the very beginning, we wanted to create quality heirloom gear you could depend on. We wanted outdoor gear we would be proud to send to people, and they would be proud to pass it on to the next generation. We wanted to be good stewards of the land by creating a product that wasn’t going to end up in a landfill next year.

We are always working hard to create rugged outdoor products by taking the extra steps to ensure your bushcraft gear will hold up. We double-fold our seams, reinforce our pockets with rivets, and finish our raw edges so you have the best handmade gear possible. We want our gear to last a lifetime and more for you. Our rugged waxed canvas is sourced right here in the USA from a company that has been in business since the late 1800s.

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