Wild Red Huckleberry Jelly



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Beautifully sweet and slightly tart jelly made from hand-picked red huckleberriesfound in woodland areas all over Vancouver Island.

These small, tasty red berriesmake a luscious spread for bread, cheeses, and desserts. You can even add a tangydollop to a bowl of vanilla ice cream!

INGREDIENTS: Wild-harvested red huckleberries (Vaccinium parvifolium), Sugars(organic cane sugar), Water, Pectin


Forest for Dinner is a wildcrafting company founded in 2015 by husband and wife Benjamin Patarin and Célia Auclair. We bring high-quality wild food products harvested from the wilderness of Vancouver Island into the retail space and local food and beverage industry. Our company is built upon a shared love of nature, wild food, and decades of experience foraging all over the world.

At Forest for Dinner, we believe that the delicate and unique wild foods that grow in the vast wildernesses of Vancouver Island deserve to be experienced and tasted by more people.

Our vision is to help people reconnect with the bountiful nature surrounding them and improve their food sovereignty. Through education, experience, and flavours, we seek to transmit our passion for foraging and eating wild food.

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