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Our Wild Things Bug Repellent is made with 100% organic oil & wild harvested plants & trees. We use over 12 BOTANICALS to repel bugs the way nature intended. When we were formulating this we researched over 40 plants that were traditionally used in bug sprays – some that actually worked and some that became well known, nice smelling but non effective ingredients. When we heard that species like cedar, mugwort & blue tansy where the most effective at keeping bugs away it made sense – both are resistant to not only insects in the wild but also disease & decay.

Our proprietary blend of aromatics include red cedar wood, blue tansy, cascade hops flower, Tasmanian blue gum, mountain mint, rosemary mint, northern white cedar, white pine, grande fir, common juniper leaf, mugwort & birch tar.

Apply liberally to skin & hair when the nasties start biting. 4 oz amber spray bottle

INGREDIENTS: organic apricot kernel, sweet almond & golden jojoba oils, live plant & tree infusions (leaf, needle, twig, bark, root, flower), tree pitch/resin infusions, steam distilled essential oils


Our wilderness fragrance distillery is the workshop where we formulate, pour & label all of our product.  The wilderness is our true workshop though.  Our simple approach to making all natural home goods & skin care products is what drives our very story – go out into the forest, forage wild aromatics & botanicals & put that into every bottle.  Our fragrances are not romantic notions of a time & place, they are the places we harvest them from.  When we go to the deserts, mountains or coastal wild lands of North America we have an idea of what we want to capture from that particular place but its only after we experience the wonders of the plant diversity there do we start to understand the story we would like to tell from those experiences.   We let the aromatic nature of plants & trees speak their native tongues.

We honor every plant & tree with our products.  All of our harvesting practices are completely sustainable & done with respect to every nuance in nature.  We never go into the woods & cut down trees.  With that said, we have worked hand in hand with forest management projects where land was cut to control and/or encourage new growth in a effort to ensure the continued success of a habitat region.  Most of harvesting of trees comes from trail management at local & state parklands or after storms when we go out & clear downed trees.  All of these endeavors require permits in which obtain through the parks – most of time without resistance.

Barnaby Black is in the business of aromatics not cures, medicine or ritual.  We embrace all cultures and spiritual beliefs.  We believe that plants are sacred by nature & that all people should embrace them as such & all people have the same rights as any to connect to nature.

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